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Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online In 2019

Hey Guys, today I'm going to be sharing with you top 7 main ways that you can make money online and I hope this article will give you plenty of options and ideas for how you can make money online yourself so that you can produce your income more flexible and work from home or work from abroad. I don't think we need anymore an introduction and that so let's get on into it.

Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online

1. Freelancer :

The first main way that you can make money online is to offer some sort of service. Now there are many different services that you could offer but we're talking about something like being an online business manager or a graphic designer or selling stock photography or doing virtual assisting lots of different options. In fact wave to many to mention in this article so I've put together a list for you guys of the fifty different freelance jobs that you can do online and there's a link down below or you can download this list for free but I think you're gonna find it really useful because not only is there a list of fifty different jobs but I also included a description of each of the different jobs as you can understand exactly what it is just in case its something to haven't heard of before or you just not exactly sure what a person with that job would do there's also a list of the main skills that you would need to have in order to be able to do that job and there's also an estimated annual income for each of those jobs. I try to include as much information as possible on this list to help you be able to figure out which of these jobs might be a good fit for you to be interested in making money online by offering a service then make sure you comment down below.

2. Selling E-books :

The next four ways you can make money online are all different types of digital products that you can sell. The first type of digital product which is the second way you can make money online is to sell E-books. Now you can sell your books on your own website or you can sell them inside the Kindle store or on Amazon. There's also plenty of other places you can sell them as well and you probably know what an ebook as it's just a digital form of a book and you can either sell it just the digital version of the book or you can have a digital version the book and also a paperback version of the same book and even it can have about fifty pages long to five hundred pages long but if you enjoy writing or you have some valuable piece of information to share with people then it creating an ebook could be a great option for you to make money online.

3. Selling Courses :

The next way to make money online is another type of digital products and that is courses. Now it's online courses have become much more popular over the past few years and there are now different websites that you can go on to sell your courses. Basically, you create a series of video lessons so just like making a youtube video except it's a bunch of videos that all work together to teach somebody something. These online courses can then be sold for anywhere from about ten dollars each up to about two thousand dollars each and if you never bought an online course before you might think well nobody buys two thousand dollar online courses but they do I have myself and lots of people make their full-time income is selling online courses.

4. Membership site :

The next way that you can make money online is by creating a membership site where people pay a certain amount every single month to continually get access to the content on the website or to get new content every month. Membership websites normally help people with a specific topic so for example, you could create a membership site for pet owners or four crew shares or for people who enjoy arts and crafts. My membership site started society is actually how I make the bulk of my income online.

5. Sell Software :

Sounds interesting to you but that's where you can make money online is to sell software. Now obviously this is a little bit more technical and most of the other things on this list but it is a way that lots of people make their full-time income online. It's I feel like I need to mention it and I also want to mention that it doesn't necessarily have to be a lot more technical because you can hire a software developer to actually build the software for you if you have a good idea for a piece of software to create.

6. Drop Shipping :

Okay, so now we've covered all of the different types of digital products that you could sell to make money online and the last category of products that we have is physical products and there are three main ways that you can sell physical products online. The first even sell physical products have become really popular over the past couple years but it's not the one I would really recommend its drop shipping and a lot of people do drop shipping with a Shopify website although some people do it on Amazon. If you've never heard of drop shipping before basically what it is, you set up a business that sells some specific product so like let's say you're selling computer mouse for example and then you have a website or you list the product on Amazon. We don't actually have the product yourself you're actually selling a product that someone else manufactures and that you don't even have yourself you haven't bought a bunch of inventory and then whenever someone buys the product that you have on your website or an Amazon you basically give their shipping information to the company that actually sell that and the company that sells it ships that to the customer. So for example maybe you have the computer mouse on your website and on your website it says it's twenty dollars the customer goes to your website they decide to buy the mouse and they check out and pay twenty dollars to you and then you turn around give their information it to the manufacturing company that selling it and then you pay them maybe five or ten dollars they shipped the mouse to the customer and you keep the difference as your profit now there's nothing wrong with this model it can work very well but I've just seen a lot of people try and fail with it for a few different reasons. First of all profit margins the difference between what the customer is paying and the costs that you have I can be a lot smaller than they appeared first it looks like I can sell this now for twenty Bucks and it only cost me five flights it you can just have so many because even up with basically shipping and handling and customer service and so many different aspects of running the business that often the profit margins and it being extremely small second of all. It's really competitive because some people are doing it and thirdly it is difficult to market a product that you're not actually selling yourself because there might be quality issues you might not be very confident in the product.

7. Amazon SBA :

I would recommend the seventh way you can make money online is by selling the products on Amazon and Amazon has a service for sellers called Amazon SBA which is basically what, they take care of all of the customer service and the actual distribution of the products so if you have a product to sell whether it's something you made yourself or whether something is you're having a company manufacture or a product that a company was already making that you're just buying inventory of you have a product you can ship it to Amazon and then the product can be sold on Amazon customers and Amazon will actually take care of doing all of the shipping for you and take care of the customer service.

So those are the 7 ways to make money online I hope that you Liked this article. Thank you for visiting us. I look forward to seeing you again next time.

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