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Top 5 Ways To Make Money With a Small YouTube Channel

So, of course, we know that if you get millions of views or you have a huge audience than you can actually make pretty good money on YouTube. But what do you do if you have a small channel or you're just starting out? In this article, I'm gonna be breaking down five practical ways to make money on YouTube even if you have a small audience or channel and also share some advanced tips. Hey what's up guys, today I am going to share your top 5 ways to earn money on YouTube. If you have a small audience and a small channel or you're just starting out now you may have heard some of these strategies before but I believe that in this training you're gonna learn some advanced tips and maybe some case studies and some creative ideas that you've never thought of before. So let's dive into the training right now to get these tips.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money With a Small YouTube Channel 

You know we talk about how to grow your audience that first, it's gonna help you do that. This can help you grow your income and specifically we will go through five ways to earn $500+ with youtube. Now you've heard maybe some of these before, maybe a habit but we have some good case studies and illustrations and we're gonna be talking about youtube ads, we talked about affiliate marketing, brand deals, merchant products and crowdfunding and give you some actionable stuff and so if you're saying you know how to make the sustainable because you know we need money to fund the mission and you should never be ashamed of that

1. Youtube Ads :

If you want to turn your creativity into a career you have to figure out how to monetize and one of the ways to do that is with youtube ads the problem is right now and this is mostly in the US. So even international this is typically a little bit lower is that you get usually two dollars per thousand video views and that's called a CPM. So if your goal is to get five hundred dollars on YouTube you would need a quarter million views and if you wanted to get five dollars a month you would need to at least get at least that many use a month. Now CPM vary in there are lots of variables but just give you some basic math and so, for instance, one of my videos got two hundred twenty thousand views. You will give estimated earnings of anybody's video including other peoples, other people's channels that's not really super accurate because our CPM is more like five dollars. So my that video is made between four hundred to six hundred dollars. But the key strategy if you want to figure out about your income which YouTube ads, you just need a lot, lot, lot of views and so that is actually why this is our least favorite way of making money on YouTube. We have to share it, it could be helpful, could be a bonus, but we want to dive into some better strategies.

2. Affiliate Marketing :

So the second one is affiliate marketing. This is basically what, as you sign up for an affiliate program just like say Amazon associates and then you can get a custom link that you put in your YouTube description and your viewers click on that link you will make money. It's a simple as that so if you recommend a beauty product or technology or pet products, clothing I mean anything's if there is something that exists in the world there's probably an affiliate program for it. So one youtuber J been, he's got a barbecue channel. If there is a good example right you type and barbecue accessories and yes this rank video that he had is doing affiliate marketing on and I just caught up with J been. You know you put out of any like this talks to his favorite barbecue accessories there are links in the description to the affiliate marketing and here's some of his results and so this was twelve month results for him but by my mind you from scratch basically is channel is about eight years old so you so far in Canada is done over five hundred dollars. A little bit on Amazon, one hundred dollars on other affiliate programs and then he's done absent. So I will strongly recommend you for affiliate marketing.

3. Crowd Funding :

So let's dive into number three. As far as a practical way of generating a five hundred dollars a month and one is crowdfunding. They probably heard about this before it's like Peterson and a great example somebody's a part of our dance training and the private group is Justin cope with thatChristianvlogger and so he's been building up its channel and he wants to Peterson on any has over fifty-seven people supporting him. Now, this it happened overnight and I think that's the key here is to always lead with value first. He built up his authority, you know trustee added tons of value to people but eventually he was able to surpass even that five hundred dollar mark as a base a just support so that you know again money could feel his mission which is you know based on his faith in really changing people's lives in making a difference in the world and so crowdfunding is a great way.

4. Merch and Products :

Another way is marching products. So have you ever thought about creating merch or products around your niece, your brand? One YouTuber, Tim has oil paintings and he does custom oil paintings watercolor paints for people on his channel on people who connect with them on YouTube. So this could be T-shirts excess digital products. Another YouTuber, Art creek creative stuff, music selling songs on iTunes or anywhere, coaching, freelance, services, so many different ways to do March and to do product and one cool site for this is and so there's a light if it wants T-spring but this is kind of a hot new way try got to do is upload your artwork set your price they print it they ship it and you get the royalties.

5. Brand Deals :

So something simple like this to build your income in the last one is brand deals. This is like creating videos for companies and brands in exchange for the product. You know one myth is that you have to have a huge audience for this stuff to happen but here's a great example from 'Heather Torres'. She also is a new youtube pre-brand new it's not been doing YouTube for very long and she's doing the homeschooling east now a while ago because before she's even where she was today these results are from a while ago in just eight month. She grew twenty-five hundred subscribers, eighty-five thousand channel views and only fifteen videos so not bad but do you catch this it's not very big right. Still kind of relatively small a little bit of monthly income with youtube and affiliate but she got a brand deal with a home school curriculum company that first the comp the product that her family would have to pay for anyways right because they do that every year expensive curriculum so she gets eleven hundred dollars and free product plus $3,600 to do a brand deal reviewing that product and sharing it with their audience as they go through it all and then she also gets 10% of affiliate commissions on top of putting that out there. One question is "do only big channels get brand Deals ?" The answer is no. According to Forbes, eighty-two percent of people are likely to follow a micro influencers recommendation which proves you don't need to rely on huge make influencers to advocate for your brand, so there's like a revolution right now of youtube with small channels or smaller Instagram. Here's the power tip is used YouTube income stacking what we always recommend is not that you just one of these but you stack them all so when you stack you to that affiliate marketing, crowdfunding, your own merchant products, your own brand deals and actually many many more income strategies like that even little amounts in each category is how you can begin to transition faster to go part time you know side income or even full time.

So I have explained you the Top 5 Ways To Earn Money On YouTube in 2019. So now it's your time to choose your best category and start making money on YouTube.

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