Friday, 2 August 2019

Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Hey Guys, Myself Altap Azad and welcome back to Xyro Tech Helper. In today's article, I'm going to share you exactly how I make money with my blog including the five main ways that my blog makes money. Also, two things that I don't do to make money with my blog that a lot of people do. I've been blogging on my second blog for about eight years at this point but for the first five years, I did not make money from my blog. It's only been in about the last three years that my blog started getting traffic and started making money. But at this point of working at actually monetizing it for about three years, my blog does produce enough income to support my family full time.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

1. Redirection :

All right so the very first way that my blog makes money is by directing people back to my youtube channel which means that my videos to get more views and I get more ad revenue. This is an indirect way that my blog makes money but it adds a few hundred dollars to my income every single month.

2. Workshop :

The second way that I make money with my blog is by offering a live workshop. Almost every single month these workshops are typically about ninety minutes long and in them, I teach my blog readers something that I know and in which they're interested. Because I published a blog post every single week I can then go back and look at my analytics and see which blog post my readers were most interested in and which one got the most traffic. Then what I do is I announce that I'm going to teach an entire workshop on that topic and I give people a link where they can sign up. I typically charge anywhere between about $29 to $100 for people who take part in these workshops.

3. Online Courses :

The third way that my blog makes money is similar to the second way because all I do for this third way is, I take those workshops that I have already taught and I've recorded and I add them into individual lessons and I turn them into an online course. It typically sells these courses before a bit more money because they have been edited down. I normally add some additional resources to the like workbooks or PDF guides to make them a more complete package. The great thing about selling these as courses is it produces completely passive income which means that after I finished editing the courses and put it on my website, I don't have to do anything else and I make money every single month from people going back and buying those courses that I've created in the past.

4. Membership :

The fourth way that my blog makes money produces the biggest amount of income every month and that is through my membership website called startup society. People who read my blog sign up for my mailing list and then after they're on my mailing list I tell them about startup society, twice every year I open up startup society to new members. Startup society is a membership program that I host on my blog, it gives people access to a whole suite of resources including all my courses and also one member exclusive courses that are a comprehensive course all about how to start and run a successful online business. But you mentioned startup society is currently the biggest chunk of my monthly income. At this point, we have about three hundred members inside and they each pay thirty-three dollars per month.

5. Coaching :

So the fifth and final way that I make money with my blog is providing coaching and consulting to my readers. Professionally I am a business marketing strategist and I teach people how to start successful profitable online businesses. So a lot of my blog readers are interested in starting their blog or their own YouTube channel or some other type of online business. So they hired me to teach them how to do that and to work with them, to build a successful online business together. This consulting work is very profitable but it does require me to invest my time, so I am trading hours for dollars as people say so I limit myself to only working with about five or six clients at a time because I really want to be able to provide them the very best results and not take up all of my time so that I can keep running my blog and running my youtube channel and growing my friends online.

Alright so that then raises the five ways that my blog does make money but now I wanted to talk about three ways that I do not make money with my blog and if you want I could get into these more in detail in the future article.

1. Ebooks:

So the first way I do not make money with my blog is with Ebooks. Its first reason is because ebook still sell for very much money I could normally packages that same information just differently and sell it as a workshop or course and make anywhere between $30 and $300 per sell but if I package it as an ebook that it's only gonna sell for somewhere between $10 and $30 at the most. So it just wouldn't be very profitable and what makes a lot more sense to me is to create great quality short Ebooks and then give them away for free to use to grow my email list.

2. Sponsorship :

And the second way from which I don't make money from my blog is Sponsorship. Sometimes I do work with sponsors on my youtube channel but I typically don't for my blog and the main reason why is just because most sponsors don't pay that much money but it does require a fair amount more time to work with the sponsor to hash out all the details and to write a post of that works and I just find that my time is better invested in other things they can grow my business more. Beyond that is just really difficult to find sponsors that are the perfect fit for my audience because I really only want to mention a product if it is going to be extremely helpful to my audience and something that they would really appreciate I would really help them all right.

So those are the five ways that I make money with my blog and also the two ways that I don't. I hope you liked this article. Thank you for visiting us.


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