Friday, 2 August 2019

Quality Vs Quantity Which Is Best On YouTube

So when it comes to uploading YouTube videos what's more important, quality or quantity? It's one of the most popular questions I get. So in this article, I am gonna be sharing three tips to answer this question. So first of all, let's start with our formula of youtube success and that is CSQC - consistent strategic quality content which means the answer is kind of a little bit of both, you want to be consistent which means quantity but you also want to make sure that you have quality content that's also strategic and so really it's a mix for every channel. However, we do have a few practical tips that you can apply right now

Quality Vs Quantity Which Is Best On YouTube

Tip Number One: 

A bass line amount upload which would be one per week. You know we think that whether you're a new YouTuber or you're a seasoned YouTuber that one per week is going to be enough. You know this is going to give you a good pace and the way I like to compare to it's like shows on TV. They typically come out once per week and that's gonna be perfectly fine for when you're starting. One of the biggest mistakes we see a lot of creators make as they get passionate right at the start and maybe they try to do daily and they go fifty-two days in a row but then they had a wall they get discouraged, they burn out and they don't upload it all. Rather than going fifty two days in a row we'd much rather you have one video all week for a year and rather than adding too many extra posts your schedule think about making that one video the most powerful video possible, I'd much rather have one video that creates a big impact than five videos that don't really impact anyone.

Tip Number two:

If you had to choose one quality overrides quantity and just remember that YouTube is a long term game you know it's an archive of videos that could be seen for years to come, so if you had to choose one make sure it's a quality video because people could continue watching and you know YouTube is very competitive there's a lot of creators coming into this space and people are leveling up their video quality all the time you got to come out it really hard you got to focus on how do I deal over the highest quality content that could last for years not just a few weeks. The reason I say that is because YouTube is a search engine which makes it different than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat these other platforms they do not search engines but because YouTube is that, means if you put out a great piece of content that ranks and search it can keep getting views even after you've posted it. You know cream always rises to the top no matter how many cups of coffee you poor so quality definitely supersedes quantity but of course quantity still important.

Tip Number Three: 

Have a content strategy. You know you don't always have this full production, a full week to make one video type of content every single week sometimes we can do a talking head video so you can scale it down and do something more simple. The point is to mix it up always strive to have the highest quality content on your channel and that reminds me of the content pyramid that's really papped popular for video creators and bloggers and it talks about Hero content, Hub content and Hygiene content which actually really helps all content creators realizing that not all of our content is going to be the same. So your hero content maybe only do that once a quarter that's kind of like a viral video, maybe collaborate with some people, you do a lot of B roll, a lot of editing, you spend a ton of time producing the video, we can't do that every day. So then you have your hub content maybe that's like you once a week show, I recommend again once per week, you put out like a really quality piece of content but then hygiene that could just be like live stream, like maybe every Saturday you go live into QNA, maybe once a quarter you get crazy, you shoot a big video, you go should be role every week you should something nice and then once a week you do a live stream that's going to give you at least two videos a week helping your quantity but never feel like every single video has to take hours and hours and days scale and make your plan according to a smart content strategy. Last thing I want to mention is if you're just starting and you definitely go on the quantity side versus quality, you know when you're first learning how to do YouTube you want to upload a lot. So you can learn from your videos, you can improve your skills, you can be more proficient, so that one day you can go for the quality and as Chantelle says practice makes progress, so I want to encourage you if you have not started uploading videos yet stop pondering and start posting. You're gonna learn as you go and you're gonna grow as you post.

So I believe you may have understood which is good Quality or Quantity. Thank you for visiting us.

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