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How To Choose YouTube as Career In 2019

If you clicked on this article then you may already know how powerful do youtube is for growing your brand online. But maybe right now you are wondering exactly the best way to get started or you're feeling stuck. If that's the case you're gonna love this article because I am going to explain you top 3 tips by which you can choose YouTube as a career.

How To Choose YouTube as Career In 2019

My name is Altap Azad and my passion here I to bring you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video but let's dive right into the tips.

1. Research Your Topic :

Tip number one is research before you press record when it comes to building your influence on you too you don't just want to hit record and start talking and just make up videos in your own head the actual research first and so. One example is you can use the YouTube search bar to look up all kinds of video ideas. So when you type something on YouTube search bar you will get some recommendations, maybe you like look at it now this is cool because all of these predictions are actually used to giving you video ideas of what people are really searching. With this tool installed, you could see that people are searching for a particular topic every day. Now if we're actually looking for maybe natural dry remedies, dry remedies natural and etc, I look this up took this out doctor help is on the other side. Now he's actually one of the members of our video raking academy but in this video, it ranks in a search is getting twenty-one point one view an hour which is insane and he's just adding value building his influence on his YouTube channel and it brings us to the second tip.

2. Video Ranking :

The second tip is, you don't want to just research but then you want your videos to rank and that's a great example of the video that did right so he did his research he found the video idea and then it ranks in search another example we can type in something like people look for this holiday, what is Amazon Prime, etc.

3. Set up Monetization :

Tip number three and that is reoccurring revenue once you've done your research your videos ranking you want to set up monetization streams so that you can build your income and really create a lifestyle around this. You know really it's not just being about a content creator I think it's important that we become business minded content creators and we think about what is how do you build a business on the back and create passive income. So in this case, if someone signs up using any referral link given in my description, I get a little referral commission. You know if we go back to Doctor and health, the same thing like he in the description here all the staff is recommending is affiliate links with the different tips and things that are his expertise what's your expertise right what is it that you're putting out on you to use the strategies. We can look at another example you maybe even found think media from the video like this you know the best camera for YouTube and over the years we continue on this topic see multiple rank videos all of these getting views and you can imagine to affiliate marketing different ways to monetize.

So you see how powerful these laws are and another one would be like tummy time the type that is something that I would never know about but one of our students sent me a video and her name's Nicole. As a brand new youtube she put out this smart video and it blew up or channel she's got four hundred thirteen thousand views on this. What I love is the fact that you're really just one video right away from your whole life be changed truthfully that's what happened she put this video out she continues to put out content but like one video took off why because she research before she pressed records you optimize the video smart rank did in search and then ultimately she's building reoccurring revenue streams around it. Okay so you might be confident after seeing all of that and it probably triggered a few other questions this is kind of just an overview of ranking videos and so if you have a specific question about it let me know in the comments section below.
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